Graduating? Take care of your Stuff [Google drive and myBlueprint]

Google Drive:

All Grade 12 students or students leaving the division are reminded that your division Google Apps Account will be disabled immediately after the last day of school [students will not have access] and deleted 180 days after that.

It is extremely important that any google drive documents, google photo images, and any other content in any of the services be saved off before you leave school in June.

For complete information about how to save your documents please see the following website:

G Suite in Regina Public Schools

Regina Public Schools fully supports the use of G Suite [Google Apps] for Education by students and staff.

With a continued focus on privacy RPS has developed a guidelines document that addresses the appropriate use of the service and outlines what types of information are acceptable and unacceptable for staff and students to create, store or share within the G Suite environment. The document also raises important questions about what information we collect, why we collect it, how we save it and who we share it with.

Division WeVideo Account Available!

Want to create engaging video with your students?  Don't know how to do this using the division provided Chromebooks?  Regina Public Schools has licensed a division wide account for the online WeVideo Editor.  This single division account allows teachers to register themselves and then invite groups of students to participate in a school group.  Teachers can manage, assist and share content produced by students within the group. Students log in with their existing division Google Apps [Gsuite] account and all content created is saved to their Google Drive. 

Elementary Website Refresh!

Over the past months Regina Public Schools has been preparing an updated website system for use as the public facing presence for all schools in the division.  Elementary schools will be the first to transition to this new system.  The new system is much more secure, offers a  dynamic and mobile friendly design as well as simplified content creation and content types.