Technology is a powerful tool in helping students overcome a wide variety of challenges and barriers. For years, Regina Public Schools has leveraged the use of assistive technologies to increase, maintain, and improve functional capabilities of learners. Regina Public Schools also understands that students with unique learning needs must be exposed to the tools and resources they require in order to successfully participate in an increasingly digital society and that assistive technology can profoundly impact the lives of individuals.

In order to help make informed decisions regarding assistive technology provisions, Regina Public Schools uses the SETT Framework. The SETT Framework focuses on the student, the environment, the tasks, and the tools. Teams at Regina Public Schools use the framework to select, acquire, and use assistive technologies.

Change in the assistive technology landscape is happening so fast that it can be difficult to keep up with the many new ways technology can be used to help students. Regina Public Schools remains committed to staying current with emerging assistive technologies and to continually assessing whether chosen tools are accomplishing the intended result.

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