Bring Your Own Device/Technology, often referred to as BYOD/T, refers to the practice of people bringing their own laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. with them to their work or learning environments. In education spaces, some students are entering classrooms carrying their own devices and are willing to use them as their digital learning tools. School divisions willing to embrace the idea of students bringing their own devices to school can realize viable and flexible options for increasing access to technology and support. BYOD/T is looked at as an opportunity to make the best use of the money schools divisions do have to spend on technology, supportive infrastructure and instructional support.  At the heart of any BYOD/T initiative is the desire to ensure that students have adequate access to the tools and resources that they are expected to be able to use constructively in life.

At Regina Public Schools, the recent network infrastructure enhancements have/will pave the way for a division-wide BYOD/T initiative benefiting both students and staff. The time has come for this division to join the global trend of BYOD/T in schools and help create the conditions under which personalized learning can occur.

Action: Regina Public Schools will research, develop, and implement a BYOD/T model best suited to the division and its organizational goals. (This action item is in progress).