New School Drone View!

Drones are literally flying off the shelves.  The popularity of drones and the associated technologies [video cameras] has taken many by surprise. In fact new legislation [in many jurisdictions] has had to be introduced to try and set some limitations on how and when they can be used.  As with many technologies how they end up being used is sometimes not the original intent of the inventor or manufacturer.

Technology and Learning in RPS!

Regina Public Schools’ Technology in Teaching and Learning Strategy [click to view the entire document] document is the result of the work of the Director’s Technology Advisory Committee (DTAC). DTAC, led by Director of Education Julie MacRae, was comprised of employees representing both Student Achievement and Division Services. Together, members of DTAC, researched and discussed various elements and trends in the field of Educational Technology and made recommendations for moving forward with a division-wide technology plan.

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