Google Drive:

All Grade 12 students or students leaving the division are reminded that your division Google Apps Account will be disabled immediately after the last day of school [students will not have access] and deleted 180 days after that.

It is extremely important that any google drive documents, google photo images, and any other content in any of the services be saved off before you leave school in June.

For complete information about how to save your documents please see the following website:

Students can also transfer their school google account to a personal google account.  Here are the instructions for that.

You can also simply download files and folders one at a time to your computer desktop, a flash disk or external hard drive and then move them to another service.


Continued access to myBlueprint:

Graduating students will continue to have access to their myBlueprint account.  However....if you have used your division email as the primary contact email in your myBlueprint account you need to provide a different email address.  Simply log in at the end of June, click on your profile and edit your info.